Monday, February 28, 2011

Mojo Monday - I'm back

I have been gone for a while... Close to two years. And, even though that is not really that long in the great big picture of life, it is a long while when it comes to crafts. I would love to say that I have been busy crafting during that time. But, the truth is, I HAVE NOT! To make matters worst, I have not even touched any of my crafting stuff during my absence. I have left dust settle, double sided sticky tape get fuzzy with kitty hair, and glue dry up. After some soul searching and some deep cleaning, I have decided to start back up again.

I don't know why I have decided to start crafting again. The only thing I do know is that I am happy to once again be in the craft room, cleaning up the dirt (the dust is so thick at this point that it is dirt!), and looking through my supplies and old samples.

So, to start things out again, I am going back to posting MoJo Monday challenges! Here is this weeks sketch:

I will not be able to participate in this weeks challenge. If you seen my craft room you would understand! But, I wanted to bring you some examples of what can be done with this sketch:

Have fun participating, and if you get the chance please respond to this post with a link to you completed project!