Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's Share

I have been working long, long days at work over the last 2 1/2 weeks and I think its finally caught up with me.... Yeah, I caught a cold. I made it through work today but now I am very tired and very hoping to have at least the next two days off without being called in to fill in a shift.

So, while I am home (sick) tonight I actually started searching the website, and I found something I wanted to share! 

This page was uploaded today, along with a whole album of similar pages using the same layout. I think this layout is very simple and actually makes a great page. Can you imagine making a themed album using this layout? I can!!!

I also wanted to share a card. Even though there are lots of great samples on SplitCoast I thought this card really stood out. I always have a hard time with MAN cards but I think this card could easily work as a MAN card.

I love the colors that this crafter used, but it could be easily made with girly colors (such as my favorite pinks and browns).

Well, those are my shares for today. I hope you enjoyed them. I am now off to bed. Have a great night all, and check back tomorrow to Mojo Monday.

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