Friday, March 11, 2011

Stamp Storage

Author: Nicole Ratzlaff
I love stamps. I love them love them love them! In fact, before I organized my stamps I loved them so much that sometimes I bought two of the same stamp because I didn’t know what I had. This marked the beginning of my need for stamp storage and organization.

First I researched how others did this and considered what was available on the market at the time. There are a lot of stamp storage units available on the market today if your budget allows. While they are pricy, they often look like pieces of furniture as opposed to simply a storage piece and could fit into any room of your house. Many people repurpose old furniture in new ways. For example, you could take apart a baby crib and mount the slatted side to the wall vertically. This would house and display many stamps. Or simple shelving on the walls can also make nice wooden stamp displays. Try making shadowbox wall structures if you really want to make an impressive display!
Stamp Storage - Image 2
With clear acrylic stamps you have different storage options because the size is so varied and thin. You can put them in photo boxes and use label the boxes by theme or use dividers to split up a single box. You can use CD cases or tins to store your stamps while maintaining each individual set. Another option would be to use page protectors of varying sizes in a notebook (single page, CD dividers or baseball cards for example) as pictured above.

There are so many great ideas out there. However, I have found the best solution is to figure out what fits within my budget and what will work in the space I have available. I decided to store my stamps in three categories: acrylic, foam and wood. I then have them further sorted by alphabets, holidays, occasions, children, nature, symbols and sentiments. I decided to keep all of my acrylic stamps in a binder with sheet protectors, my foam stamps in bins so that it is easy to dump them out and toss them back in, and my wooden stamps in plastic boxes in drawers.

Although I have not finished all of my stamp storage and organization, with my current system I am able to find stamps easily and use them more often. I still want to create a stamp catalog with all of my stamp images so I can stop and flip through one binder to see everything I have in black and white….but for now the storage is working and the next step of organization will come later.

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