Saturday, June 14, 2008

It’s Over!!!

Just thought I should post an update to a previous post. My state boards where on Thursday, June 12th. Of course I am nervous about the outcome and do have to wait 4 weeks for my results. But, at least it's over!

The minimum amount of questions that can be given on the exam is 86, and the maximum amount given is around 287. The computer testing is unique because it grades as it tests. Once the computer feels that you have either gotten a passing grade or a failing grade and no more questions can help you, it turns off. Well, my questions ended right at 86! I am now thinking I either passed or I failed miserably. Either way, there is nothing I can do about it now.

If I passed, it is on to the next step. Which just happens to be RN school. My complete goal is Forensic Nursing.

If I failed…. Well, we really should not be thinking about this but…. I will just study a little more lab values and medications and retake the test before moving on to the next step of my life.

Anyway, I am back to stamping and teaching classes so keep posted and start seeing my new creations. (At least for the next 4 weeks if I get bad news!)

Hugs, Ana!

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