Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 2 - Check In Day

Today was check in day and all I have to say is LINES, LINES, LINES.....

Part of the line behind us while we were waiting for the Momento Mall to open.

Linda Nelson-Barr and I got to the Salt Palace at 7:15am. When we arrived there was already a line for the Momento Mall. Luckly, we were only about the 100th person in line when the doors opened. By the time the Mall was ready to open the end of the line was told they would have to wait about 2 1/2 hours to start shopping.

Swapping.... It's what we do!

After we left the Mall, Linda and I went into the Gathering Place. Linda had an award to pick up (she hit the 20K mark in sales!), and I had to get my name tag.

Momento Mall sneak peak.

By the time noon rolled around Linda and I had already gotten our bags, and had taken pictures of the display boards located at the back of the Momento Mall. Now, we were heading to Riverton to see, once again, the Riverton Campus. I was very excited to ride in the bus for the 20 minutes it took to get to the campus because, by this time, my feet were KILLING me.

Inside the Momento Mall, these were two of my favorite items.

Once at the Riverton Campus I was very happy to see the new Legacy Room. The pictures, and home decorating ideas were just great. But, unfortunately this year, we were unable to see Shelli's office or help with the picking lines.

After the 20 minute return ride back to the Salt Palace, Linda and I walked to Subway for a quick bite to eat. It is really amazing how quickly you forget to eat when you are busy having fun.

I cannot wait until tomorrow's general conference, and classes.

I will try to update again tomorrow evening. Look at the Legacy Room post to see pictures of some great new ideas straight from SU!

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