Monday, July 7, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

I have been tagged by Amiee! Her blog is located at: Check it out!

So, here are 7 weird and random facts about me:

1. Like Amiee, I am addicted to Stampin' Up! Seriously! Whenever my husband and I get a few extra dollars the only thing I can think to spend it on is Stampin' Up! I will even spend the whole day planning on how to spend the money wisely. If my spending plans fall through, I get very sad. It's my crack.... hee-hee. Plus, I wake up in the middle of night with ideas for new projects. I just wish I had the time to do them all.

2. I live in the High Desert of California, but I hate the heat. When the weather gets over 90 degrees I cannot function. I get headaches, and very grumpy. I will even sleep all day when it's hot.... which is hard to do with 2 homeschooled kids. And, it's even worse right now because my air conditioner is about 20 years old, does not work well, and freezes over every chance it gets.

3. I love video games. I am in my 30's and if I am not playing with stamps and paper I am playing video games.

4. I use to work for different Democratic parties when I was in college. It's true. I use to believe that I wanted to be a political journalist when I was younger. I volunteered for many campaigns and was a paid employee for others. I ended up getting pregnant though and was unable to land an internship with a large newspaper during my 2nd year in college so I gave up. I now am a mom of two boys and I am waiting for my results of my nursing test through the NCSBN so I can become a nurse.

5. This is not really about me but more my family: My mom and I both got pregnant in the same month with our first child, both in June. My husband and his brother are 7 years apart. My boys are seven years apart.

6. I have to redecorate or at the least move furniture around in my house every 3 to 4 months or I get antsy. Really, if I don't have the change, I start thinking about moving, shopping, or ripping out my flooring. It is a serious thing... so my husband gives in and literally starts moving the furniture in and out of rooms for me every couple of months.

7. I love lighthouses. I have a collection of over 100 different types and I belong to the Lighthouse Society of America. I am even planning vacations around different lighthouses around the US and Canada. I want to visit all of them before I die. My dream would be to purchase an old retired lighthouse and live in it. I even own lighthouse jewelry. My husband just smiles and goes along with it. (He is just too sweet!)

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