Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!

After a little pause in my blogging life and my stamping life, I'm back. Please don't ask me why I ever left. Mainly because I really don't have any answers.

Right after Convention I kind of lost momentum. I know that is not what Convention is suppost to do for us stampers but for some reason.... the "umph!" was just gone.

Then I started working at a new job. Not just any job but a new job working the 11pm to 7am shift at a local nursing home. So, now when I was home I was either sleeping or wishing I was sleeping. After 3 months of working that trying shift I am now on a more normal shift of 3pm to 11pm.

To top everything off, we finally found out why my youngest son was always getting sick. He was in kidney failure. Thankfully though, Chris had surgery on November 17th (9 days after he turned 5) and he is doing great.

So, maybe all of these things that happened shortly after Convention had a snow ball effect on my stamping life and over all happiness. But, no matter what, I am back.

I am starting slowly this time though. I am not jumping in with selling, and classes to start with. Right now I am starting with stamping on my days off.... This means that I will be taking place in SCS challenges and possibly challenges on Shelli's Blog.

My first day with this "new" phase in my life will begin tomorrow. TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS (after all, I didn't even send out Christmas cards this year!). Please join me tomorrow to see what challenge I am planning on taking on and what I make to meet the challenge.

Oh, and.... another challenge I have to face is my stamping room. It has become a junk room where everything gets put instead of being put away. I will post pictures of this black hole over the next few days and start working on the great transformation. And, if any of you have any idea's on how to help transform my mess into success please feel free to post.

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