Thursday, January 22, 2009

WT202 Challenge: Pizzazz it Up!

Todays challenge comes straight from SCS. (I told you that this was one of my favorite sites!) Here are the rules:

If you're like me you love patterned paper. The more the better and those new glittered, flocked, or die-cut papers....well, I have a serious addiction. The problem is...they really lighten my wallet! I thought it would be fun to design a challenge around adding your own pizzazz to existing patterned paper. The challenge: Ways to Alter Patterned Paper. Make it special. You may want to glitter, emboss, heat emboss, flock, die-cut...whatever you can think of, some patterned paper that you have on hand to make it extra special. Just like that fancy specialty paper that carries the big $2-$3 price tag. Have fun! And in this economy...saving money always a plus! Just in case there is any MUST use patterned paper to start and then customize it.

And, if you have taken on this challenge, then please send me a copy of, or a link to, your picture. I would love to see what you have done.

I am off to create now!

Happy Thursday,

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